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Monday, May 11, 2009


When our son was born, my husband and I found ourselves driving to the store almost every week to buy diapers! The cost of gas and the costs of diapers alone were adding up! It was ridiculous and not to mention, so bad for the environment! The less we drive the better. I found a store online that has great deals for diapers. It's called DIAPERS.COM! How original and simple is that? They will give you FAST & FREE Premium Shipping for any order over $49. I ordered the diapers on a Friday and received them Monday evening! We live in California, and if you do as well... you do not have to pay the sales tax! They are offering $10.00 off your first order of diapers and this applies to new customers only.

The discount code is: KMDE4755

Check out the site. They don't only have diapers. They have apparel, toiletries, food, and many other items.

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